Thursday, April 16, 2015

Burning Dinner is no small matter!

Roxy Mae is a girl friend to one of my local fans. She's the typical modern woman who, in my opinion, needs to focus more on what many women today don't see as important.

Burning dinner is really no laughing matter. Especially when it's something that's constantly done. It shows a lack of focus and it's very wasteful to say the least. There are other areas in Roxy Mae's life that need, shall I say, a firm hand but for her first spanking with me it's for burning dinner.

It's clear after this spanking that in the future she's going to focus a lot more on not wasting food by burning dinner.I took my time with this naughty girl and made sure when the spanking was over, she knew she'd been spanked.

1 comment:

  1. Two things I learned about spanking as a teenager were that women thing being spanked on a bare bottom is more appropriate and they expect getting spanked to result in genuine pain where they sit down.

    In fact, my wife believed even as a teenager that young women, including herself, should have their bare bottoms paddled rather than merely spanked! According to her, although getting spanked really does hurt, it doesn't always do what needs to be done to change a woman's mind. When that happens, it sets the stage for a contest of wills.

    Both she and I agree wives should be totally nude when spanked. While I think it enhances a woman's sense of vulnerability, she says it feels more natural. It also makes it much easier when the wife goes over her husband's knee and straddles his thigh to take her spankings.



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