Monday, January 9, 2017

Understanding the dynamics of spanking

It seems there are more people into BDSM than just spanking, or Domestic Discipline.  To me BDSM is more of a play fantasy escape that couples or people share from time to time.  I think if you say you're into BDSM it's safer than saying you're into, or participate in Domestic Discipline, HOH, spanking.

I've talked to a lot of Spankers and spankees over the years and many still don't understand the dynamic of spanking in context with Domestic Discipline.  Many will have this idea that it's abuse.

Every couple, when getting married, take vows.  The promise to do this and that and so on and so on.  They've most likely had many talks with each other about how their married life will be, or at least dream it will be.  There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of couples out there who took their vows and agreed on a great deal of things that would and wouldn't happen in their marriage but had know idea that their spouse would get drunk and beat them regularly.  Or that they had an anger problem and would take out their anger on them and the children.  The list can go on and on.

So, when my wife and I first got together it was understood that I spanked.  She agreed with my philosophy that from time to time a wife needed to go across her husband's lap for more than just one reason.  Believe me, my wife is a strong independent woman and if she didn't want to get spanked she would be able to fight it.  Since, I don't believe in physically taking her across my lap it is something she has to submit to.  In other words, I either send her to our room and tell her I'll be in there shortly.  In which she bares her bottom and waits for me to come in and administer her spanking. Or I will tell her I'll meet her in our room.  In that case I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, she comes in and strips from the waist down and puts herself across my lap for her spanking.   Neither of us see NO abuse there.

In addition, for me, each time that happens I gain a tremendous amount of respect for her.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Noticing her avoidance to getting spanked!

It's been clear lately that my wife doesn't want to find herself in this position in the kitchen.  She doesn't mind being bare from the waist down because she knows I enjoy her being like that.  However, she doesn't like that spanking that can come with a kitchen that's not kept up.

I give her a lot of credit for doing her best to stay on top of things. I notice her effort and appreciate her very much.  She's even seeing other things that need to be taken care of and working on those things too.  The carpet for example is seeing a lot more vacuum cleaner usage and she's making a serious effort to keep the couch clear of miscellaneous items that should be put away.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Spankings are the Great Motivators for wives!

There have been a few things around the house that are in need of my wife's focused attention.  Over the years I've discovered that when I merely hint that something needs to get done, and she knows it's something she's been putting off, she starts getting it done.

She has a strong desire to get things done but allows other things to get in the way to distract her.  Soon there's this little thing that didn't get done and then that thing that gets put off because this other thing happened.

Over the years I've watched her add things to her schedule, or routine, that gives her an excuse for not getting something else done.  She has a way of putting things off and it takes putting her across my lap, baring her bottom and making her wish that she hadn't put things off in the first place.

She hates getting spanked but she also agrees that she needs the spanking.  Spankings are the great motivators for wives and that's not just my opinion it's hers too.


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