Monday, March 11, 2013

How to spank your wife!

First, I'll assume that you and your wife have an understanding regarding you spanking her.  That understanding would be that she willingly submits to your authority over her and accepts spanking as a way of correcting her behavior.

Second, you must establish basic rules that she is to follow.  It's best that she picks the first ones.  That way she can't come back and say, "That's not far."  Then you pick rules that you want her to follow.  Start out easy and don't overload with insignificant rules like, she must wear yellow on Tuesdays.

It doesn't take much for me to get my wife across my lap.  For the most part all I have to do is nod or point to our bedroom, as I give her that look and she knows to head there fairly quick.  90% of the time she already knows she's in for a spanking but there are a few times she's caught by surprise.

When she knows before hand that a spanking's coming and I point to our bedroom she usually has everything off from the waist down by the time I get in there.  That's smart because she knows that if she doesn't the spanking will be harder or longer or both.

The key is from start to finish.  That is I start out with sound smacks to her ALWAYS bare bottom and I keep the same impact and rhythm until it's over.  She doesn't like it one bit but if she didn't get the spanking two things would happen.  One, she'd lose respect for me and two she'd feel guilty about getting away with something she knew she shouldn't have done, or should have done.

My wife is one of the finest women I've ever had the pleasure to know.  She has a high degree of integrity and her submissiveness to me is natural and true.  It's no game for her.  We laugh everyday, even those days when I turn her bottom red.  The reason is because with a spanking, it's over.  There's no pouting and being grumpy around the house because I'm upset with her.  I've taken care of it.  She's accepted it with grace and now we move on.

She would never think of putting her hands behind her to protect her bottom either.  No matter how long her spankings have been she has always seen it through to the end.

There have been many times right after her spanking when I've taken her from behind and starting making love to her.  She has even been sniffling and crying as I go deep inside her.  The whole experience of her willingly submitting to a spanking she admits she deserves fills me with passion.  I'm the instrument of her sour flaming bottom and soon after I'm inside her, as she is on her knees with her red bottom sticking up high and her head buried in our mattress, I become the instrument of her excitement and passion.   She likes to be taken.  It makes her feel like a wanted woman.

It doesn't take long for her sniffling and cries to change to moans and groans.  The view of her very red bottom, her long flowing her laid out wildly on the bed, the way she grabs and the sheets and holds on with each thrust gives me reason to pound deep.  When she's properly shaved her pussy is more sensitive to the pounding of my balls and the spanking she just received won't come back to her mind until later when she sits down.

That's how to spank your wife!  



  1. I was very much like your wife, I didn't like it one bit but I accepted it. And it work for us in our relationship

  2. In any relationship with a woman - be it daughter, girlfriend, or wife - there reaches a point when SOMETHING must be done if the relationship is to remain intact. Until quite recently, that something was often a good bare bottom spanking. It tended to relieve whatever tensions had build up and rest the relationship to a more comfortable level.

    Getting spanked paves the road to the OTHER ORGASM in a woman's life. Much as orgasm provides for a release of sexual tensions, a woman's responses to being spanked discharges her emotional tensions. Moreover, both sex and spanking have four-stage response cycles. As with sex, many of the woman's responses during a disciplinary cycle are involuntary.

    Each cycle begins with anticipation. Only with spanking, anticipation usually takes the form of anxiety. Having to bare herself futher accentuates these feelings.

    Eventually, anticipation becomes excitement. In spanking, the excitement phase is often expressed by woman's protests either prior to or at the begining of a spanking. Once the spanking begins, this may involve kicking, squealing, pleading, promising, thrashing, or othewise trying to protect herself.

    During the plateau, the woman begins to accept the disciplining. Any arguing ceases as the spanking takes its toll on her mental faculties. At this point, the woman begins really listening to anything and everything the man has to say to her. This is the "Yes, Sir" phase.

    The orgasm of a spanking involves the collapse of the woman's physical and psychological defenses. Frequenlty, this is accompanied by repentant or sorryful crying. In fact, in a well administered spanking, the man can actually feel the woman's defenses crumble.

    Finally, there comes resolution. As sometimes famously illustrated, this period of reflection may be where a daughter or bride examines her well spanked backside in a mirror. This is also the point at which even an adult woman benefits from being made to stand bare bottomed with her nose in the corner if she's being punished.

    Ideally, the woman is at peace with herself as well as the man. That's why so many couples have sex after spanking.

    However, the latter stages of this phase facilitate a woman's deciding whether she's been abused or disciplined. This helps explain the when, where, and why a man spanks is often more important than how he spanks.



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