Sunday, March 24, 2013

After Her Spanking!

For many the spanking and all that comes with it is over once the spanking stops and she's given her hug and cuddle so she knows all is good.  However, there are those occasions when I feel it's necessary for her to, shall I say, cool down.  Her bottom can still be very warm to the touch and a little humiliation can be good for her.  Plus, the more she exposes her body the more she is comfortable with it.

Frankly, my wife will walk around naked when I suggest I would like her to do just that.  To my wife, her body is for my pleasure and if that pleases me then she does it without hesitation.  


  1. I believe like you, that a good spanking on the bare bottom, plus humiliation, should always go together, when a naughty female is corporally punished. For me a good spanking can be given, by the hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, cane or whip, to her bare bottom. Humiliation may take the form of standing in the corner, before or after a good spanking. With her bloomer's down. With the chastising implement's placed next to her.

  2. I would say that the "humiliation" part works sometimes but the cuddling and after care works well too. We are not into humiliation but standing and thinking about what I did wrong and having my poor bottom exposed has happened and he definitely got his point across. Still that is very rare. I like the love and forgiveness because I need to also forgive myself after he forgives me.

  3. I totally agree that a wife should receive a hug and reassurance from her master after being punished, so she knows that she is forgiven and has paid the full penalty by submitting to the spanking, and all is forgiven once the spanking is concluded.

    I have been spanking my wife for over 20 years, and right from the first time, every spanking, both maintenance and punishment (except for a few that were interrupted) concludes with her on her knees giving me a proper blowjob i.e. no hands and swallow all of my cum.

    I am often in the mood for sex later on, but that blowjob after spanking is mandatory, and during punishment spankings includes a few moderate strikes with a light cane on her sore ass while she is blowing me.

    No! She has never bitten down on my cock, and I don't believe that is a concern if the master isn't an idiot and striking too hard....regardless of what some spanking bloggers try to say.


  4. According to my wife, the most effective thing a man can do after spanking a woman is making her stand bare bottom with her nose in the corner. She says it doesn't matter how old a woman is, that position still makes her feel like a spanked little girl inside. Even if no one else is around, all she can think about is someone looking at her spanked bottom!

  5. After I've been punished, my husband often stipulates that I attend to my usual chores naked for an hour or so. This way he can admire his handywork, and as I find this very humiliating, it adds to my punishment.



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