Friday, March 29, 2013

Chaos NO MORE!

It's been that time of the year where everything is "Chaos" for about a month.  With so much going on I accept that my wife is caught up in so much activity that she barely has time to sleep let along make sure our house is a nice and clean home.  

However, the Chaos is over and now it's that time of the year where she's going to be walking around the house, picture above, with her bottom a constant bright red if things don't get done,..and soon!

Spring is in the air so her desire is to be outside getting the lawn, garden and everything else ready for summer.  However, she tends to go 110% into one thing and neglects almost everything else.  That's what I'm here for, in part.  My duty as her husband is to keep her on track with other things she's accepted as her responsibility.  And when she doesn't she tends to see a lot of the carpet!


1 comment:

  1. Wow you did a good job, the is one more sore looking behind, including what I like, her sit spots are well spanked. I agree with spanking for Chaos.



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