Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I spank bare bottom

I spank bare bottom because there's a thought process to it.  When I tell my wife she's going to get a spanking, and it's time, then she's the one who pulls everything down and bares her bottom.  To me that's her consent.  It's her way, even though she may be protesting verbally, of saying I'm going to submit to your will and get spanked of my own free will.

Sometimes after baring her bottom she plops herself across my lap as a final protest but it doesn't keep her from her spanking.  I also spank bare bottom because I can see what is happening.  In other words I can tell if I'm spanking too hard or too light.  Once I see her bottom turn a nice red I can tell she's been taught her lesson.


  1. When I get married I want may husband to dominate me and turning my bottom red would be an excellant way to do it.

  2. Turning your bottom red is an excellent way of dominating you. However I'm assuming you are ready to submit to your husband turning your bottom red?

  3. I love men like you. If only they were Gay. Only a man who loves me enough to straighten me out with a good bare bottom spanking, is worthy of my respect and love. The rest are. Well, you know what.

  4. my husband made me bare my own bottom, including panties off as a sign of my agreement with the need for a spanking.

  5. Some women are simply more confortable others with the idea of being spanked by a man. Although this is not the same as their liking being spanked, they derive a sense of security from the experience. On the other hand, women tend to vary on baring their behinds. While some want to take it all off, other expect the man to bare the necessary area. Much of it seems to depend on circumstances, prior experiences, and expectations.

    My first serious spanking experience was with a woman old enough to have been my mother. The first time, she took off everything and she even went so far as to put herself over my lap. Having been both a mother, and at one time a daughter, she'd experienced spanking from both sides of the coin and knew what it was about. As a result, she was prepared to "learn her lesson" the old-fashioned way.

    The first time I spanked my wife, we were dating. At the time, she was in her late teens and thoroughly embarrassed that she was going to get spanked like a little girl. As a result, she expected me to assume the role of a parent. To make things go more smoothly, I did everything from pulling down her pants to putting her over my lap. She admitted later that the pain turned out to be worse than the embarrassment!

    Although both women admitted they deserved to be punished for their respective misbehaviors, their preliminary expectations were polar opposites. Yet, both women expressed feeling a sense of security in knowing a man could handle them.



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