Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Quiet and Effective Spanking!

There are times when your wife acts up and because you have guests or minor children in the house it may seem as though there is nothing you can do about her behavior right then and there.

The first rule is to never let your wife get away with acting up.  You must keep in mind that she wants you to be firm.  You are the Head of the House and she likes it that way.  But, she does tend to work it doesn't she?  "Oh honey you can't spank me now we have guests." or "If you spank me now the kids will hear."  So the remedy to anyone hearing your naughty wife get a spanking is to send her to your room, bare her bottom and have her lay on the bed with her face in a pillow.  Then grab a plastic coat hanger and start teaching her to NOT act out. 

Your guests or children will never know what happened for that 5 minutes or so that the two of you left the room because the coat hanger is a wonderfully silent stinger.  It's what must be done to prevent chaos and defiance in her attitude.  Once your wife begins to loose respect for your authority things start going down hill from there.  As long as she knows that no matter what the circumstance is, she will get spanked, then you'll have a long a wonderful marriage.


  1. In my opinion even if you have minor children, or other guests in the house, if your wife is naughty, then they should witness your wife, being corporally disciplined, by giving your wife a good spanking on her bare bottom. The humiliation that your wife will feel will be justified

    1. my husband never spanked me in front of anyone and we agreed we didn't want our children to know I was spanked.
      BUT I AGREE WITH YOU. I would love to see other wives spanked bare bottom in front of me.

    2. I once witnessed a husband spank his mouthy wife in front of a small group of friends and family. It wasn't a big deal most likely because everyone, including the wife, knew she deserved what she had coming. The embarrassment was obviously worse than the pain.

      Although I have no idea whether it was true, another husband said he took his obnoxious wife into an adjoining room for a bare bottom spanking with his belt. He claimed to have made it hard enough so that everyone would his wife go from pleading to crying before making her apologize to their guests for having to make them hear her get spanked.

  2. I totally agree with the idea that she needs to be punished for wrong doing, and the sooner the punishment the better. I handle it much like you did, we go the our bedroom and she either lays on the bed or I put her OTK. I keep a loopy johnny for just such occasions, it is very effective, and makes no noise.


  3. My husband has spanked me in front of family/friends/ and our children, with a coat hanger/ He once even spanked me with his belt in front of his father. It was humilating. But I learned my lesson, now we practice DD (Domestic Discipline) only when I act out or get into trouble, have outburst or temper tantrums, but I learn from these spankings and corner time. Corner time is the worst when your buttocks are on fire

  4. yes i hate corner time too

  5. Once, when my wife and I were visiting her parents, she became difficult. I discreetly informed my wife that she was going to get her backside tingled with a switch before we went to bed. Having grown up on a farm, my wife knew what that meant. She was go to have to bend over the bed and take it on her bare bottom! It would sting like hell. Tightening up wasn't going to help. Creating a commotion would mean having to explain why she got spanked. It was as my wife might advise, better to put pride aside and get the ass whipping over with.

    Besides, by this time, both of my wife's parents knew their son-in-law spanked their daughter. In fact, my wife told her mother when we were dating that she'd just had her backside spanked by the man she planned to marry. By no means a prude, her mother's primary concern was that it be done privately and not too severely. While she didn't object to the occasional reddening of her sometimes difficult daughter's bare behind, she thought bruising abusive. On the other hand, her straight-laced father was a firm believer in chastising the fairer sex.

    Later, when my wife and her mother chatted in the living room and her father was down at the barn, I cut a suitable twig from the old "switch bush" in the backyard. Going back into the house through the kitchen entrance across from the milk house, I turned down the hall laid the slinder branch on the new queen bed in my wife's old bedroom. It was just across the hall from her parents' bedroom.

    That evening, after we closed the door, my wife undressed and put on a flannel nightgown. Knowing what she had coming, she didn't bother to put on any panties. Instead, she dutifully lifted up the hem and bent over her bed. As she'd been trained to do growing up, she took her whipping like a woman. She didn't even bother to rub her bottom afterwards. Long ago, she'd learned it wouldn't make it feel any better.

    The next morning, neither of her parents seemed any the wiser. Meanwhile, my wife was perfectly behaved.

  6. My husband and I practice Domestic Discipline too. He's never spanked in front of anyone. But whenever I'm too cheeky or mouthy in front of friends he sends me to my room where he spanks my bottom with his hand and his belt. They can't help but hear what's going on. He's now decided that I need a weekly maintenance spanking.

    1. I'm like you, we are in a domestic discipline lifestyle but unlike you I have been spanked in front of our friends. It was so embarrassing being ordered to remove my panties and tuck the back of my skirt up then go and fetch my hairbrush, This is my usual form of punishment I have to hand my brush to Paul then turn around and bend over my chair. My position is as agreed my hands on the seat with my feet each side of the chair legs. I know my charms are on display and as a rule it doesn't bother me but as we had company (mixed) I was very embarrassed, I have to tell Paul why I'm being spanked, on this occasion I had been over argumentative and even after he had given me a warning look I still carried on, I didn't think for one minute he would spank me in front of our friends. I had previously told my girlfriends that Paul disciplined me this way but I don't think they really believed me. Together with their partners they sat open mouthed as I readied myself across the chair and when the first stroke hit home there was gasps as I held my position and didn't shout, I know better than to complain about the serverity of the strokes (more are added). At the end of my ten strokes I had tears in my eyes as Paul was applauded by our male friends, Neil my best friends husband said all wives should be spanked to show them their place Lorraine told him not to get any ideas which then prompted Paul to ask if he wanted to try it out, he added he still had my restraints which he used on me in the beginning. I looked around as I heard the dresser drawer open Paul dropped them on the seat in front of me, my embarrassment increased they saw it in my face, I was blushing so much my face felt it was on fire. Then Paul told me to stand and move aside, I stood and moved towards the corner but he told me to turn around, I did as I was told; Paul handed Neil my brush I thought he was going to allow him to spank me but then Neil nodded to Trever and they took hold of Lorraine and as she was pulled across the chair Paul slipped the wrist restraints on her and clipper them to the under seat staples. Lorraine started to resist Neil wacked her bottom and told her to stay still, he flipped her dress up her naked bottom was pink from the first stroke, Paul fastened her ankle straps in place, now I could see how much of me had been on display the tin white strip of Lorraine's thong covered her modesty. All the time Lorraine kept on to Neil to release her Neil said it was about time Lorraine learned her place and the one way to teach her was a real spanking she wouldn't forget. Neil gave her four good strokes, she was released and we were both told to stand in the corner Lorraine's dress dropped over her pink bottom but mine was still tucked it was more than I dare do to release it, my punishment includes the humiliation of having my bottom on show until bedtime. Paul has also told me I need a weekly maintenance spanking every Wednesday evening my punishments are given after my bath on Saturday evening before we go out I am not allowed to wear panties and as soon as we are back home \\\\i must either raise my skirt or remove it. I love Paul dearly and know he is acting in my best interest, my spankings always excite me.
      Disciplined Dawn.

    2. Oh wow! I really enjoyed reading your post! Very exciting and well written! Thanks for sharing your experience!

      It's one of the best true stories I have ever read! Your husband Paul seems to be very strict. Even at reading I felt a bit sorry for you and Lorraine. Poor you! Respect to you both ladies for withstand and endure the spanking punishment in this humiliating situation before your friends!

      I wonder what your girlfriends said afterwards about this and if Lorraine now get spanked regularly too? Would love to hear also more from your punishment spanking experiences!

  7. Thankfully my husband has never spanked me in front of family/friends. But if we're at home he will send me to our bedroom where he will spank me while our family/friends are downstairs. Like he did 3 weeks ago. We had friends round for a meal. I answered him back too sarcastically and had a temper tantrum.
    He sent me to our bedroom where he soon followed me. I was soon across his knee with my skirt raised and my knickers around my knees. I got a good hard spanking. Our friends couldn't help but hear what was going on form my crying.
    When he finished and I had stopped crying, I apologized to our friends when we got back downstairs.Thankfully I haven't done anything to deserve a spanking since then.

  8. I have been spanked sort of publicly once when I locked my husband and his friend out of the house. I was upset with him and was pouting. I thought that I would teach my husband a lesson by putting the dead bolt on when he came home. He was furious with me, he texted me and called me and I didn't answer. He had to climb in a window in the garage. When he appeared in the living room, I knew I was in for a huge spanking, but I thought that my husband would spank me after his friend left.

    Instead, my husband asked me in front of his friend what I thought about locking him out of his own home. I apologized and said it was wrong of me to behave that way, but I was very upset with him. He then said that we had ways of communicating and working out our disagreements that do not involve locking eachother out of our homes. He then told his friend in front of me, that I was going to go upstairs and stand in a corner in our room. I couldn't believe he told his friend this. He then told his friend o make himself comfortable that he was going to be going upstairs to spank me for being disrespectful. He then asked me if I consented to my punishment. I was so redfaced and embarrassed. I, of course, said that I did consent, because I do submit to my husband in all things.

    He then sent me upstairs and I could hear him explain to his friend that we practice DD and that it was a mutually agreed upon relationship. I was so embarrassed I was shaking. I did what I was supposed to do, I pulled my pants down and stood in my corner. After quite a long time and hearing the hushed tones of my husband and his friend, the door to our bedroom opened. My husband walked in and came right to the corner and started spanking me with his hand hard. He didn't speak at all. I was crying almost instantly. He then left me in the corner while he pulled out our big paddle and took his belt off. I did not receive a "quiet' spanking that day. I received what I deserved, a long whipping with his belt and then 20 very hard strokes with the paddle.

    Since that day, every time I see my husband's friend I blush knowing he heard the entire spanking. I often wonder what he told his wife.

  9. my husband will spank me when i'm a bad girl he does not care who sees

  10. After you spank your wife this way, you should give her a little smack on her buttock when she returns. This will remind her.

  11. Me and my husband practice (Dd) he the h.o.h , I get spanked often, he puts me over his knee and then I have to lay over a pile of blankets so my bottom is pushed right up for the belt and the strap. When I am grounded I get it every night in tell my grounding is done. Did I also mention that I get corner time before and after a spanking.
    I love him and would not have it any other way

  12. I totally agree that wives should be spanked to let them know there can be only one boss in a relationship.
    My wife Sally is spanked around twice a week, when we are out for a drink she usually has a few too many and starts showing off, I only warn her once if she continues I tell her to find a quiet spot in the pub or club and prepair her self for a spanking, she has 5 minutes to do this if not she gets it where she is.
    Sally never wears underwear and so when she has found a place I come over she raises her dress or skirt I put her over my knee and administer 10 good hard slaps an each cheek, some one always gets a showing to add to her humiliation, she usually choses a place where there are only men if she can and the place is not too busy. On quite a few occasions she has been watched by door men and never has anyone complained.
    Twice a year we go to a lifestyle event and I alow other men to spank he on her bare arse either OTK or over a chair we both get great pleasure from this.



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