Friday, March 16, 2012

The Occasional bitch, bitch, bitch!

I'm on a few social spanking sites like fetlife and other forums and I find some things unbelievable when it comes to those sites and sometimes even my blogs.  You go on them and create a thread, for whatever reason, and someone has to come along and bitch about whatever you've written about.  Fetlife, for example is a bunch of kinsters in a social media type environment writing about their kinks or displaying pictures or writing about how they feel regarding anything.  But every so often, once a week at least, there's always a feminist who has to bitch, bitch, bitch about how I and others like me, men who spank their wives, are sadistic male bastards.  And who gave us the right to spank our wives!

Look, if you don't have something nice to say don't say it.  Move on.  We create these blogs and go on fetlife to meet and write to like minded people.  If we wanted a bunch of crap from people we could easily do that by using other none kink social media sites.  Some say I spank too hard.  Others say I should use a leather strap and a cane.  It doesn't mean they're wrong, I'm right or they're method is right and I've been spanking wrong all these years.  It means everyone is different and lives within different levels, rules and feelings when it comes to kink or DD.

My wife isn't thrilled that she gets spanked when she needs it but she would agree she needs it from time to time and accepts that a good sound spanking is healthy for her.  Sometimes more often than not.  She isn't chained to the bed, or can't speak unless spoken to.  She has a mind of her own and doesn't have to agree with me on everything, or else.  She sees, as much as I do, how many women out there need their bottoms blistered too.  So live and let live okay.  Anyway, I think I just needed to vent today.  Thanks!


  1. How immature can you be to think that no one should disagree with what you write or have a comment that isn't positive? That's life. Get over it.

    1. Hey don't get all twisted up anon. I, as a spanked wife, have been told I am what is wrong with the world because my husband is hoh. The blog writer has the right to ask people not to go off topic or be rude some people on fetlife are really cut throat.

    2. I think everyone has the right to disagree with me. My point is that no one is forcing a person to read a thread or even my blog. If you disagree and absolutely feel the need to write something why is it always sarcastic and or snotty? For example what's with the "Get over it". Also, I don't recall writing that I think NO one should disagree with what I write. Disagree all you'd like but please DON'T say I wrote something when I didn't.

    3. I am the first commentor. I have noticed that bloggers in the spanking world cannot handle anything or anyone that disagrees with them. You are rather touchy for someone who supposedly can handle the occasional negative comment. Why so touchy? My problem isn't with you or what you write, per se. It is more with the idea that what you write is sacred and no one should cross it. If you only want your blogger buddies to comment and say nice things that is your perrogative. I'm just saying that life isn't all pretty like that am most people who write do not always get positive feedback. Hence the comment to get over it. Very few people I know get everything they want.

    4. I'm unable to explain the difference between an opposing comment that isn't rude and one that is so I'll stop now and apologize for my inability.

  2. I have never met a happy feminist - I'm not saying that there aren't need for feminist to chime in here - go to your own blogs and chat amongst yourselves -
    I am a spanked wife - my husband's right to spank me comes directly from my consent - who gave you the right to judge what we do???

    Thanks - it felt good to rant a bit -
    I just found your blog and really like it - don't see you as a sadistic bastard at all - happy friday :-)

  3. Obviously your wife had to agree to a DD relationship, in the first place. Otherwise it would be abuse. Personally I would not want to be in a DD relationship. Because I am too good {lol} I feel that I would have to do something wrong on purpose to get the spanking I want...

    There is no need for people to be rude. Though they are entitled to their own opinion. The same as you are entitled to your own reaction. Mind you I did just vent in my own blog. I probably insulted a few people, where as usually I would try to see the other person's view...

  4. Women bitch. Men spank. It's just part of that ages-old battle of the sexes. That's just normal.

    However, when dealing with feminists, it is important for men to understand two things. The hardcore variety are typically lesbian, Marxist, and misandric. According to feminist logic, women are ALWAYS victims.

    Since the movement's founding, feminists have equated marriage with slavery. This happened because the mid-19th century women's liberation movement was an offshoot of abolition.

    Feminists likewise despite ANY male-dominated institution. Not surprisingly, therefore, traditional marriage is at the top of the list.

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do radical feminists think a man should control a woman. This belief is so strong that, according to feminist logic, any woman willing to let a man spank her is mentally ill.



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