Thursday, March 22, 2012

There's always something to Spank About!

I'm sitting in my car outside the Post Office waiting for my wife, and really just minding my own business, when a car pulls up to park.  I'm fully aware that I've parked next to a handicap parking space and next to that is a unloading space for wheel chairs and next to that is another handicap space.  

Sure enough it's yet another young woman who needs her bottom spanked because her selfish needs come first.  As you can see from the photo the white lines are a bit warn but not so warn that you can't see them.  Also the fact that the space is between two handicap parking spaces should send some sort of warning signal to the brain that maybe a person shouldn't part there.   

Now I checked to see if she had a handicap sticker either on her license plates or hanging from her rear view mirror and she didn't.  From the back she appears to be a perfect candidate for a Good Sound Spanking.  First, because of her parking where she isn't suppose to and second because I have no doubt there's more in a day she does to deserve a spanking.

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