Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training a wife

One of the young men I work with comes into work looking pretty tired and when I inquired why he's not getting much sleep and explained they have a new born baby boy.  My second question, when hearing that from young married guys is, "Does your wife work outside the home?"  In this case it was "No".   Interesting!

I just learned this week that he let the boss know that this week will be his last week because his wife wants to move to New Mexico.  When talking to him I discovered that they've only talked about it for a few weeks but she wants to move.  I asked him if he had a job lined up and he said, "No".  Interesting!

Yesterday we were eating lunch in our lunch room and out of the blue he asked, "Who packs your lunch?"  I replied, "My wife."  His reply was, "My wife tells me if you want a lunch pack it yourself."  Other men in the room chuckled about that because they've heard that before too.  He asked how I got my wife to pack my lunch and I replied, "Well I have my job and she has hers and part of her job is to pack my lunch."  A few of the older guys laughed and replied, "How long did it take you to train her to do that?"  I so wanted to say, "You'd be surprise what a good spanking does in training your wife", but I didn't.  The funny thing is that it didn't really take any training.  For one my wife is mature enough to realize that I work a full day and come home and work some more.  She is a stay at home mom and feels it's her job to take care of things around the house.   One of those things is fixing my lunch.  It didn't really take any training.  And for us it's a no brainer.

The young man in the story is 24 years old and has only been married a few years.  I wish him luck in his life but right now he's carrying all the load from what I can tell.


  1. His wife needs a spanking;)!


  2. Hi, I totally agree with you. I am in my late 20s, and my husband and I started living a Taken In Hand or Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle about a year and a half ago. We both work full time outside of the home. Still, every morning, I get up 15-30 minutes earlier than I normally would to make his coffee and pack his lunch. I don't do this because I'd get a spanking if I didn't, I do it because I love him, and it makes his day that much easier. It puts a smile on his face to know that I do it out of love and respect for him.
    I admit that there have been a few days that I have overslept, and he left for work without lunch, because he hadn't allotted the time he'd need to do it himself. No, I didn't get spanked for it, but he was clearly disappointed. That can be just as bad as a sore bottom. I hate it when I disappoint him. Some women just don't think about anyone but themselves. I honestly don't know that your co-worker spanking his wife would be the magic fix for this situation. I think you have to be a loving and devoted wife BEFORE adopting this sort of lifestyle to truly benefit from it. If she's a selfish shrew, she needs to work on getting herself into the right mindset and work on changing herself before they ever go there. Hope things work out for him.


  3. What's wrong with him helping with his baby? She didn't fuck herself and have it the child is his too. His child will grow up loving him and yours will hate you cause you dont do shit for them. Also to the lady who said they both work but she does all the housework bitch you not a wife you are a slave and dumb as hell.

    1. Agreed. If my boyfriend did that I would leave him.

  4. It's certainly commendable for a father to help out with the baby @Anonymous who ever you are. My point was that he wasn't getting enough sleep to do a good job at work. She didn't work so it stands to reason that since he needed a full night's sleep for work that she should take care of the baby at night so he doesn't have to and can take care of his family financially.

    I still fail to see why people leave nasty comments.



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