Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give her what she wants and needs.

I give my wife what she needs by keeping her in line and out of chaos.  She has trouble with managing her time but works harder at it knowing that if she isn't managing her time well she'll get spanked.  She need direction and even purpose and I feel I help provide both.  For that her world rotates better.

I give her what she wants by being the Head of the House and being responsible and accountable.  I also give her lots of love and absolutely love to have her sit on my face while my tongue drives her wild.  Recently while I was licking her clit wild she began giving me a blowjob.  That's been something hard for her to want to do because of her past but now she goes right to it and I love it and love her even more for doing it.  

1 comment:

  1. Time management is important in all walks of life and the home is no different! We have a spanking agreement and fortnightly assesments are carried on on FRiday night! Any spanking or caning is given on Sunday after lunch .This happens about once a month and caning is across my knees after I have 'warmed her bottom' by hand spanking! I give her up to 20 light stingers with my rattan cane At oother times it is a spanking by slipper, or hair brush.
    This is always done if her mother has come to lunchand usually agrees with my action !



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