Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My wife and the Big Bang Theory!

Unless you live on another planet you've watched The "Big Bang Theory" and know most, if not all, the characters.  A successful T.V. comedy is able to have characters in the cast that reflect people we all know, and even ourselves.

My wife is a female "Sheldon".  She, like Sheldon, knows that she can pretty much guarantee that she's the smartest one in the room, where ever we are.  She doesn't show it off or try to prove it in anyway she just knows she most likely has the highest I.Q.  Like Sheldon she see truth being a higher goal, or principal, than sparing someone's feelings.  In Big Bang it's funny to the point of falling down in laughter but sometimes with her she hurts feelings without knowing it.  If I gave her a spanking for every time that happens she wouldn't sit at all and have to sleep on her tummy.  But, it is something she's working on.  Like Sheldon is finds it straining to be around people who are much less smarter than she is because they don't seem to have much to say except trivial things that don't hold any real meaning in life.

Her personal good traits are boundless and I am constantly learning from her daily.  The fact that she is a teacher has a good deal to do with it but also because I'm an observer.  The other day we were at both Safeway and Walmart exchanging things.  She has absolutely no problem stating the problem, expecting the stores to do something about it and getting what she set out to get.  I'm color blind, for example, and I went to Safeway the other night to get milk.  I'm used to getting the milk with the "Red" cap which is whole milk and instead I grabbed one with an "Orange" cap that was lord knows what.  Even though it was obvious that about a glass of milk was poured out of the gallon that I grabbed by mistake she was still able to go back and get the right one without paying anything.  

At Walmart we stood at the exchange counter line while 6 employees were goofing around trying to assemble new computer terminals with only one person working the line.  Finally, we step up to the counter and are told we can only make the exchange at the counter the idem was purchased at.   There went 15 minutes we'll never get back.  So, we get to that counter and there were two employees chatting away, both females needing to be spanked I might add, and my wife goes right up to them and says, "Is anyone working this counter?"  The one working the counter says, "I am," and walks over.  While this is happening my wife, like Sheldon, is casually saying, "Oh I didn't know you couldn't see us just standing there while you were talking."  Or something to that effect.

Last but not least.  I had gone through the drive through at McD's to pick up a couple burgers and a chicken sandwich.  The chicken sandwich was a buck or so and when I got to the destination there inside the bag was the burgers but no chicken sandwich.  Now this was a couple days prier to us going back to McD's.  My wife goes inside, talks to the manager and comes out with not only the dollar and change for the sandwich we didn't get the first time but also a receipt coupon for a FREE chicken sandwich the next time we go there.  

We complement each other in so many ways.  I just wanted to tell her that she's the light of my life and even when she's across my lap getting her bare bottom spanked she means all the world to me.

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  1. That's really sweet. Not many men have the balls to say that their partner is super smart.

    Good for you.




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