Sunday, April 1, 2012

Doing one thing to get out of doing something else!

My wife tends to display a red bottom when performing her duties and it looks like a red bottom may be needed soon.

With Spring now here I, like always, tend to do the Spring cleaning thing.  Throughout Fall and Winter things in the house, garage and in the yard get neglected with items stored or piled up.  So I, like millions I suppose, like to go through everything and throw away what needs to go, keep stuff we don't use anymore to put in our garage sales and work on a list of things that need to be repaired or done before Fall sets in again.

However, my wife tends to see what NEEDS to be done and replaces it with other things she WANTS to get done or a NEW NEEDS to get done.  Take yesterday for an example.  I pointed out that things around the house needed to get done because she had errands that she needed to do and wanted to take off before household chores.  She assured me that there would be time to get chores done when she got home.  When she got home she fixed dinner and that's pretty much it.  The same laundry has been in the dryer since Thursday and I've been patient but it's now spanking time.  The living room is a mess this morning and she said she would straighten it up after her errands yesterday.  

She starts a temporary job tomorrow which will leave little to no time to do all that needs to be done around the house.  I understand and support her reason for the job but not at the sacrifice of other things that need her attention.  I joked last night that it would be uncomfortable for her when she goes to work because she will be sitting most of the day.  However, she may find it hard to sit!



  1. Great blog, thanks for sharing.
    I totally understand and can relate to this. We are rather new to this lifestyle and have been at it for about 6 months now, however over the last 3 months ive gone back to college and yes my house work too has suffered and after talking with each other things are slowly getting back to how they should be thanks to my HoH

  2. Thank you Simone for your comment. I would suggest you join this site as a member by selecting the followers button too. Talking about things is so important in a relationship, regardless whether or not it's a DD, HOH relationship or not. It's most important that you understand, after talking about your house work, that should you let things slide it would be best that your bottom get what it needs as a reminder. Would you agree?



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