Friday, March 22, 2013

Slow burn spankings!

There are two kinds of spankings, in general, I usually give.  They can be administered in a variety of positions so the position isn't important right now.  One is the fast paced from start to finish no non-sense spanking and the other is what I call the slow burn.

I start out lightly spanking her over whatever clothes she's wearing and then those come off, or down, or up if it's a dress.

The slow burn is very deceiving to the spankee because it may sting a bit while the spanking is going but it doesn't really hurt much. 

In fact there's generally little to no crying or tears, but as you can see the bottom gets more and more red.

Once her panties are down, or off completely, it's back to the slow burn in whatever desired position I want her in.

The nice thing for the Spanker is that this type of spanking takes a bit longer so it's actually enjoyable.

It's very important that her entire bottom is well spanked.  This allows for a considerable amount of discomfort throughout the rest of her day and into the next.

When it's finally over she's going to be able to tell for sure that her naughty bottom has been well attended to.  She will be indeed surprised when she reached back to touch her warm to hot red bottom.

In the end it's always "A Job Well Done."


  1. Brilliant post both words and pictures. Exactly the way we operate.

  2. As I pointed out in response to a different post showing the straddle position, it is without a doubt the most effective way to discipline a older daughter or wife. It eliminates arguments how much needs to be exposed as well as preventing clinching and squirming. Once a woman is in this position, she stays there for the duration.



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