Friday, March 8, 2013

It just seems so right and natural

Seeing a woman across a man's lap or knee getting her bare bottom spanked just seems so right and natural to me.

Watching her white silky bottom turn a bright red always seems to be the natural course of things.

Her naughty behavior MUST always be dealt with in a manner that she respects.

My wife doesn't at all like the spankings I give her as she's getting them but she is the first to say that she doesn't respect a man that doesn't take his wife across his lap when she needs to go there.

1 comment:

  1. Woman responds to a spanking cadence causing enough genuine pain to dominate her thinking. If a man has spanked the woman before, it shouldn't take more than 6 licks to get into the swing of things. Once the man finds that rhythm, things usually move along quite smoothly. Protests cease and she becomes increasingly submissive.



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