Friday, October 12, 2012

Butts, butts and no butts!

My last post was 9 days ago and perhaps a few of you have thought I fell off the planet.  The truth is that I have been a healthy admirer of one kind of butt and an unhealthy admirer of another.  

I started smoking when I was 18 and over the past year I can tell my body is slowing down.  It's been harder to get up in the mornings and physically at work it's been tougher too.  A little of the slowing is age I'm sure but I know the majority of my aches and pains have been due to smoking.

So around the first, which was my last post 9 days ago, I've been using patches and have smoked occasionally but not much.  That's made be irritable to say the least and with ADHD anyway my energy is coming back.

However, knowing that at this stage my perception may be a bit tainted I've been refraining from making judgements as to either giving my wife a basic spanking or a real butt blistering one.  I don't necessarily trust that I would be spanking her because of my withdrawal symptoms or because she really need one.

I'm not sure if she's using this time to get away with things that she otherwise would get spanked for but if she is now is a good time to get it out of her system. lol

Well, hopefully things will be back to normal, minus cigarettes, and I'll be posting again on a regular basis.  

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