Sunday, May 19, 2013

Being consistent with spanking.

I haven't written much about spanking my wife has received lately because there haven't been any.  You learn over time that being consistent with spanking at the beginning of your relationship sets a strong foundation.  Once she's tested the water and realized you will actually spank her for something, even if it's over and over for the same thing, she begins to find that over the lap is where she's going to end up so the behavior stops.

Take texting for example.  I reminded my wife that when she goes somewhere I simple want her to text to tell me she made it safely.  All she has to text is, "I'm here", and that's it.  I just want to know that she made it safely.  After getting spanked for not texting she finally realized that's what she should do.  Now I get texts telling me she's made it or on her way back and she doesn't go through the discomfort of not sitting.  Spanking works!

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