Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

A few weeks back I had a comment from an anonymous viewer, reader, of this blog so I posted the comment.  She was obviously not a supporter of spanking in anyway and gave her two cents about how much of a jerk I must be and how little of a man I am for spanking my wife.  She gave her opinion on what things I should do and how I shouldn't spank.  I didn't comment on her opinion really I just posted it and let her have her say.  But now it's my turn to say a few things.  I haven't gone back to the comment to read it because it says a lot of things that are "assuming" something is or isn't the way it really is so she's, to me, just speaking out of her ass!

I believe that my wife would be the first to tell you that from time to time, or even more than that, she needs a spanking.  She would also tell you that I don't go around looking for reasons to spank her either.  She would probably say the reasons are right there in front of you.  lol

I believe she would tell you that I have a great sense of humor and that I don't get into moods were I'm a tyrant and selfish about my wants either.  She knows I want to walk into a clean house.  I want to walk into a clean kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  She wants the same thing too.  She knows I simply want some order to things.  Her biggest challenge isn't not wanting to clean or do certain things it's organizing her time.  She starts one thing and takes too long in doing it because she gets caught up in it and before you know it other things she wanted and needed to do didn't get done.

She would be the first to admit that it's the spanking, or spankings, that help keep her on track with what needs to be done.  It's her incentive.  She doesn't want a diamond ring, fancy clothes, brand new cars, etc., so getting her those things aren't a reward to her for cleaning the house or an incentive in achieving order in her life.  

It's our agreement, her getting spanked and me being the HOH.  Why do people have to leave nasty comments regarding how THEY think someone they don't even know should live their life?  I'm not by any means a fan of the woman being the HOH and the man being submissive but I don't go around to blogs where that relationship is practiced and leave nasty comments.  What's the point?

So, it's about that time for my wife to get another round of spankings for things she's not done lately.  When you start reading about them understand that she has free will and if she thought for a second she didn't deserve them or that I was abusive and unfair then she simply wouldn't get across my lap. 


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  1. I read what that woman had posted and I too wondered why she would be on a spanking site if she wasnt into spanking. But I also thought she was trying to say her ideals were the way it should be in every spanking relationship, which is just silly. Everyone has their own way of doing things. What you do and how you do it obviously works for you and your wife. I doubt that all came about one Sunday afternoon and it was like that forever. Im sure you have discussed it and Im sure your wife has put her two cents in on what she needs. Ive watched a lot of your videos and never once thought you were being in any way abusive. I think if any of those women decided they had had enough all of them could have simply said stop, got up, and left. That person's comment was one person's idea of what should and should not be the way its done. I doubt she could ever submit to a spanking for any reason.



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