Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Being Dominant!

For me, being dominant isn't really a matter of choice, it's simply part of who I am.  I'm also sensitive, caring, loving, artistic, philanthropic and so much more.  All of us have many sides or parts that make up who we are.

For me, being dominant isn't being domineering either.  My father was domineering and that led to an unhealthy fear of him.  My dominance is more benevolent. 

I've met a lot of dominant men throughout my life who were far more domineering in the unhealthy sense than in the benevolent.  Those who dominate through fear do so because they seek control.  In part to control others but more so to have control in their lives.  The truth is that their lives are more out of control and the more out of control the more domineering they are to others.

My dominant personality is centered more on equalizing moments of life than it is in controlling anyone.  My wife, for example, has an unbalanced life.  She gets caught up in the moment and before she realizes it that moment has turned into hours.  The result is that she spent a lot of time on one thing and no time on other things that should have been given her attention.

What helps her a great deal is the reminder that she needs to spread out her time and do other things and not just focus all her attention on the one thing.  Her reminder is a good sound spanking.  It reminds her before the spanking by thinking about what she did or didn't do that got her to the point of the spanking.  It reminds her as she's getting spanked when I bring up what she failed to do as I'm spanking her.  It reminds her after the spanking when she sits down and she things about how she could have avoided the spanking if she would have simply completed other tasks rather than let them go.

Being dominant means a following through with what needs to be done too.  For me it's only natural that I'm dominant and my wife is submissive to me.  That is how she sees it too.  If we were both dominant our life together wouldn't work and if we were both submissive that couldn't work either.  For me being dominant is like breathing.

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