Friday, January 16, 2015

Spanking Toon Friday!

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  1. Okay, I admit I don't know how to explain this to younger generations. But, from the mid 1940s until the late 1960s, it was not heard of for a boy to spank a girl and not have sex with her. I know because I did it a few times. All off the teens needed disciplining. None said it was okay to spank them so long as we didn't have sex afterwards. That was understood. At the time, the girls were all virgins. From my point of view, it was more like spanking my sister. One of the girls told me that she thought of me as the brother she never had. We both knew I was to only uncover what was necessary and not take advantage of the situation.

    While there was certainly a lot of hank-ypanky and fooling around in the backseat on Friday and Saturday nights, it probably wasn't until after 1968 that sex came to dominate the youth culture. Before then, girls had fewer sexual partners and were more likely to have their first sexual experience after they were on the road to getting married.

    It is also worth pointing out that until the 1970s, most teenage girls were spanked by their parents until they got married. Not even going away to college kept a girl from being spanked when she came back home. Because the divorce rate was so low, most girls were well acquainted with having to go bare bottom over their father's knee. Age didn't matter. They knew what to do when the time came and what to expect as a result.



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