Thursday, December 17, 2015

Do you spank your wife survey

Do you spank your wife survey.

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  1. There should be a "No, but she needs it" option.

    1. Younger generations of men (meaning those coming of age after the 1960s and most certainly after the 1980s) have a more difficult time getting the fairer sex over their knee.

      Prior to the Sexual Revolution, most young women had some experience being spanked on a bared bottom by their fathers. Everyone knew it.

      Sometimes, quite often with the approval of their mothers, young women either were, or had been, spanked exclusively by their fathers.

      Also, unlike today, young women frequently could be legally spanked by their parents until their 21st birthday! Not surprisingly, this birthday law roughly coinciding with age of first marriage for women.

      Back then, getting spanked by a husband, or even a boyfriend, was considered more as evidence of concern rather than abuse. It wasn't that every couple did it. Rather it was every women knew it could happen if her behavior became too provocative.

      Even if not strictly legal, the spanking of a difficult female of any age enjoyed widespread approval even among women!



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