Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Spanking Toon Special!

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  1. Used sparingly, a doubled leather belt can work wonders with a woman. The few times I've used one on my wife, she learned her lesson the first time! My wife admitted as much to her mother during a three-way discussion about the number of divorces in their extended family. Also, like my wife, I've heard young woman say she would have been better off if her father had blistered her bottom a time or two with his belt.

    Interestingly enough, I've heard women say a man's belt is the most sensuous implement when applied to a bare bottom. My wife seems to agree so long as the belt isn't doubled. A few times, such as on trips, I've found using just the tongue end of a belt on my wife's bare bottom to be a great stress reliever.

    The only complaint my wife had about being spanked with a belt came from having to take it with a doubled belt on an already sore bottom while draped across my lap when I was seated in an armless chair. That was one lesson that never, ever had to be repeated!



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