Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Laugh!

So I get up this morning and head to the coffee pot to turn it on and my wife put a Father's Day card next to it that read;

"Because Father's Day is such a special occasion, we thought breakfast in bed sounded good...

Just wake us up when you have it ready."

It was signed by my wife and daughter.  I Love it!


  1. For Father's Day, I hope you gave both your wife, and daughter a good spanking on their bare bottoms. Just to let them know, that you are the head of the household.

  2. Now thats funny! I hope they did get up and make dad a nice breakfast. Lol btw if i may how old is your wife and daughter? I assume daughter is punished to same way as mom?

  3. Happy Fathers Day to you.



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