Saturday, February 23, 2013

A good spanking puts things back in order!

So last night I walk into the kitchen and to my amazement it was spotless and organized.  This was how I want to see the kitchen 99% of the time.  I thanked my wife and praised her work because I knew it was no easy task.  I know that because about an hour earlier she had gotten her bottom soundly spanked for the way the kitchen, living and dining room looked.

She knows it never has to come down to her getting spanked if she would just keep up with things.  But, she gets distracted by other events in life and puts off other things she needs to focus on.

I had texted her, about an hour or so before I got off work, to expect a spanking when I got home because of the condition of the house.  When I got home the livingroom had been picked up and vacuumed, the dining room and table had been cleaned and cleared and she was working on the kitchen.  Her anxiety level was pretty high though and at the time circumstances didn't allow for her spanking to take place until we got home from doing some errands.

She does so well just before, during and after her spankings that it causes me to continually fall in deeper love with her everyday.    

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