Thursday, September 26, 2013

Into Spanking?

Some years ago, before the internet, texting and even before the average person had a cell phone dating was a bit different in many respects.  Today if you have "kinky" tendencies you can go to a variety of sites and seek out someone who thinks and feels the same way.  Back in my early years of dating it was next to impossible to find out if the woman you were dating or wanting to date was into spanking or not.  You would learn different ways of finding out, eventually, but that process was sometimes long and arduous.

There were a few women who I dated and expressed my feelings regarding spanking.  Their reactions were very similar in that they felt that because they weren't into spanking, whether DD, HOH or just for play, that I could just push an "off" button and not be into spanking myself.  Boy were they wrong.  And the few times I tried doing just that, turning off the spanking button, I found out I was wrong too.

The fact is that you can't force a spanking on anyone who doesn't want one, I mean really you can't.  I recently gave a butt blistering spanking to a submissive, which I filmed, who had some interesting things to say about spanking.  She likes being spanked, and soundly, for a variety of reasons I won't go into and when I told her my wife gets spanked because we're in a DD, HOH relationship but she, my wife, isn't INTO spanking she laughed and said, "On, she's into spanking or you wouldn't be able to spank her."

It took a few days for that to sink in and register but I've come to realize that she was right.  My wife isn't into spanking when it comes to the pain of getting her bottom bared and spanked.  She's into spanking in regard to submitting to my authority and being punished for something she didn't do or did do and wasn't suppose to.  If I tell her in the morning she's going to get spanked she dreads the rest of the day until she gets spanked so I now bring it up 30 minutes or so before so she doesn't go through the anxiety.  If she wasn't into spanking there is no way I would be able to spank her.  I doubt 5 grown men could pin her down and spank her against her will.

And that's what it really comes down to is her free will to submit.  It's noticeable to me, after every spanking she's gotten, that there's a change in her attitude.  It isn't an "I'll just got my bottom blistered and I hate you," attitude.  It's more of a "Thank you for being a man and HOH and giving me what I needed," attitude.  In many ways it's an affirmation that I still love her and care about and for her.  I love my wife for so many reasons and her spankings are icing on the cake for me on so many levels.      

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  1. I would disagree that it was difficult to find out how a woman felt about spanking before the internet. The reluctance of women to reveal any spanking proclivities seems largely confined to those coming of age from the early 1970s to the mid-1990s. This was the height of the anti-spanking craze.

    Conversely, I found most women reaching puberty before the 1970s were more open. Two mothers of high school friends freely discussed spanking in my presence. The nurse shared the difficulties of spanking when a daughter thinks herself too old. One day when her son wasn't around, the newspaper copy editor encouraged me to spank her bare bottom before seducing me. She later introduced me to paddling a grown woman's bare behind when she misbehaves. It really wasn't different from the way my older sister got it.

    Although discreet in their behavior when others were around, both mothers had more than a mere parental interest in spanking when in private. From them, I learned how and when women are likely to discuss spanking.

    An episode involving my then girlfriend and her mother opened the door to discovering that my future wife had an interest in being spanked by a man other than her father. As I would later find out, she planned to marry the first man that whipped her bare bottom like he meant it!

    Likewise, women reaching maturity after the mid-1990s are more liberated in expressing their interests. During a recent discussion on child discipline, the mother of two preteens noted the difference in how her daughter and son were reacting to being spanked. She admitted to being spanked by her father into her early 20s.

    Before the conversation was over, it became obvious that this wife and mother was sufficiently turned on by male domination to either be spanked by her husband or wanted to be spanked by her husband.



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