Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My last entry on this blog for awhile.

I'm going to continue posting on my SpankHer4Real blog but I'm ending this blog for awhile.  I posted a set of rules awhile back that I wanted my wife to follow, or she'd get spanked, and it's been too difficult for her to keep up on them.  She has a lot going on and to expect her to do the list I wanted her to do daily and weekly has been overwhelming for her.

I don't want her stressed thinking there's an impending doom (spanking) coming so I'd rather throw the list out and relieve her stress level.  With that said there's little to no point of me writing in this blog when I'm not spanking my wife.

There's a bit to read in this blog already so those who are new can peruse through it. 


  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on knowing when to back away from domestic discipline. Women, like children, will only take so much spanking until it creates more problems than it solves. Although the preceding sentence is very politically incorrect and thoroughly sexist, it is nonetheless true.

    Next, while rules may work well for teenage daughters and their decided preference for codified behaviors linked to specific consequences such as having to take a bare bottom hairbrush paddling over the maternal lap, rules are a bad idea for marriages.

    One reason is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a rule for every situation.

    Another reason is that too many rules tend to complicate matters in adult relationships. After all, there are at least as many gray areas as there are absolutes of black and white.

    Rules also cause problems women often have to rearrange priorities in order to take care of more important matters first. Sometimes things come up that neither husband nor wife can anticipate. At other times getting things done takes longer than expected. At other times, there is too much to do.

    Some cases are pretty clear cut. Others are more difficult to unravel. One good way to sort out whether or not a woman should be spanked is to examine her intent in dealing with a complicated situation. Men need to separate a woman's motivations from the outcomes.

    Most women usually know, sometimes better than men, when they need spanking. If the wife or daughter, and the husband or father are in agreement, then things are likely to proceed more smoothly.

    As a wife and mother of a teenage daughter observed, "I know better than my daughter how to behave. If I do something I'd paddle my daughter for doing, I get punished!" She went on to say that she expected to get at least a spanking, or even whipped with her husband's belt if her offense was serious enough.

    The secret to a long term domestic discipline relationship is in knowing when, as the father living next door to my parents when I was growing up used to announce to one of his teenage daughters when she was going to get spanked, "The time has come." As with most things men do when dealing with a woman, timing is everything.

    Every woman has a frequency of need just as there is a rhythm of spanking to which she is most susceptible. Once a husband discovers his wife's spanking cycle and response tempo, many of the problems associated with domestic discipline greatly diminish.

    Couples involved in domestic discipline relationships not go too long between spankings. During the first several years of our marriage, I discovered my wife required spanking at least once or twice a month. Another wife admitted she couldn't go longer than a few days without needing leather laid to her backside. She described the sting as sensuous. A few wives claimed to only be spanked two or three times a year.

    Getting a woman to go over a man's lap is much like getting her to spread her legs. In both instances, she has to want to be taken for there to be a successful outcome. Only with spanking, it isn't that the woman wants to be spanked so much as admitted to herself - regardless of what she tells the man - that she needs her butt beat.

    One of the keys to successful domestic discipline comes in knowing the woman well enough to understand her motivations (cause of behavior) and intentions (what the behavior was intended to achieve) rather than merely judging outcomes (what happened).

    The point of the above is that, despite whatever mistakes a husband make in domestic discipline, women still need spanking. Throwing the proverbial spanking baby out with the rulebook bath water isn't going to solve problems in a marriage any more than having too many rules that lead to too much spanking. Knowing when the "time has come" to spank or not spank makes a woman much easier to handle.

  2. If I were your wife, I would be looking for a stress relief spanking. If you're a lady needing spanking, you truly NEED spanking, it keeps you on an even keel and helps you just manage life in general. You might want to give it a try or at least look into it and discuss it :)



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