Saturday, May 10, 2014

So true!

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  1. Among the more insidious of the never-spanked species are women without any firsthand experience over a man's lap either as a child or an adult. One way or another, these women tend to wreck every relationship with a man into which they enter.

    During a private counseling session, a petite woman in her 20s summed up the collective experience of many spanking virgins when she admitted her biggest problem with men stemmed from a lack of respect. This young woman went on to admit that having to take a proper spanking over a man's lap would be a good start in straightening her out!

    Beyond the never-spanked species, good parenting consists of support and expectation. Support gives the child unconditional encouragement and love even if the child tries and fails. Expectation anticipates that the child will do his or her best. Parents exhibiting both qualities are usually the best spankers.



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