Saturday, April 11, 2015

The best thing you can do for her!

I truly believe that the best thing you can do for your wife is put her across your lap and spank her when she needs it.  For one thing it shows her that you care.  If you didn't care about, or for, her then you would let her do whatever she wanted.  That includes those things she shouldn't do.  A woman really does need to know you care in this way.

My wife isn't impressed with getting flowers.  To her it's a waste of money.  She gets plenty of rewards, hugs and kisses for doing those things she needs to do in her day.  And one of those rewards is NOT getting spanked too.

Some might get the impression that I'm lurking around every corner and waiting for her to do, or not do, something that will warrant a spanking.  Honestly I'm not.  If I need to see something get done and she's made the best effort she can to do it but wasn't able to complete it then I'm satisfied.  At least she really did work at it and in the end she does finish it, so there's no spanking.

However, there have been times when enough is enough and it's time to take that trip across my lap.  She honestly recognizes there is a need for that to happen.

Just this last week my wife expressed the desire to get back to the gym on a regular basis and said, "I am going to need your help with that."  Outsiders would most likely take that to mean a wide variety of things but it was totally clear to her and me that what she was really saying was, "If I don't go to the gym you'll need to spank me."


  1. The truth is that most women know there are times when they need to be spanked. Usually, however, they're not going to tell a man.

    Even if a woman does make the admission, it's usually without referring to herself using a first person singular pronoun (I or me) as the indirect object (entity acted upon) with some variation of the word spank in the same sentence.

    In fact, quite often, women avoid using the word spank altogether. Much like her mother, my wife avoids using the word spank. I've noticed other women likewise often approach the topic by using euphemisms and code phrases that they expect men to understand.

  2. Lots of love and an occasional spanking seems to me to be your recipe for a good marriage. Somebody says that about children as well, but I don't believe in spanking for children. But wives and other young ladies who have not learnt how to behave as children all benefit from a good, old-fashioned, bare-bottomed spanking. And luckily most of them realize that they need it when they have behaved irresponsibly by drunk driving or overspending. Women have a bigger Superego than men, and most of them would rather have a red and sore bottom for a short while than a guilty conscience for a long time. So my advice to young husbands is to ignore the threats and protests of the young ladies and give them the spankings they have earned. After the spanking they may be in tears, but they also want to be comforted and taken care of, and they are good and loving wives for a long time after. So it's a win-win situation with most women: a spanking leads to loving women, good sex and more considerate and well-behaved wives.

    1. I do so agree wth the above comments and I have found my wife admits she deserves the spankings I give her, on her bare bottom. Not forgetting the backs of her thighs which really has her kicking and twisting but I only slap them lightly !I have spanked her in front of her mother, who actually encourages me and really enjoys the sight of her daughter being spanked and it also seems to excite my wife having her Mum watching her bottom getting red. Sometimes she does shed a few tears but they are short lived, as I take her upstairs for some love making! JM.



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