Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pandora Blake

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  1. Much like the Prohibition of liquor in the 1920s and the war on drugs after 1970, the anti-spanking movement that developed in 1980s many have created yet another forbidden fruit for which the temptation to try it is great the the fear of violating the prohibition against it.

    As with all censorship it seems, laws and media stories about those laws constitute an endless flow of free advertising for the illegal products or services.

    Even as a child in the decade following World War II, 1 became aware that wives and older daughters were privately spanked by their husbands and fathers. I even witnessed one of my relatives getting spanked by her husband. No one seemed to the husband abusive. Although embarrassed, the wife didn't call the police.

    I also remember quite will the evening my mother and I were watching prime time television the evening when Bat Masterson as the newly appointed Commissioner of Education spanked the Brunette Bombshell at the end of that program. My mother didn't say anything. Women got spanked and everybody knew it.

    Now, it still happens and some people want to pretend it doesn't. All the while, they're still having to admit that, not only does it happen, a lot of people either don't object or like the idea.



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