Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spanked for Sexting!

What do you do with a daughter who sends a text with naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend, but instead she sends it to her mother.

I put her across my lap and give her behind a good sound spanking.

Girls today get away with far too much and sexting is NOT something I'm letting LeAnne get away with.

Spanking her bare bottom in a variety of positions also helps drive the message home too.

LeAnne is learning that the palm of my hand was made for spanking.

Leaving without the ability to sit truly makes its mark in more ways than one.

I am beginning to think that even though she doesn't like the spanking, as it's taking place, she likes how it feels afterward.

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  1. The tendency of some young woman to play with themselves after a spanking explains why Victorian mothers stood their daughters in a corner afterwards.

  2. The mother of a teen with a sexting problem came up with a three step solution. First, she made her daughter bend bare bottom over the arm of their living room couch. Then, she wore her daughter's bottom out with a doubled leather belt. Next, she put one very simple rule in place. No codes, no pictures without all of the daughter's clothes on. The third piece of the puzzle was the mother got full access to her daughter's phone anytime she wanted it.



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