Sunday, December 16, 2012

What are we becoming?

I recall sitting in class, when I was in grade school, day dreaming about the world that was out there to explore.  America was on its way to the moon and no one thought for a second that 40 plus years later gun carrying mad men would be going into shopping malls, movie theaters, churches and schools to kill innocent bystanders who never did a thing to them except be in the line of fire when they shot.

I have seen this decline happening for some time now.  People blame video came companies, anti gun advocates blame it on guns and gun control, and the list of who to blame goes on and on.  I don't pretend or believe I have ALL the answers to life's problems but I do now one thing.  If we don't teach BOUNDARIES then our children grow up without any, period!

We can debate this on and on.  We can say it's one thing and someone else will say it's something else.  I see a plethora of things that have lead to this end result but I'm afraid we've gone too far to turn back the clock now.  Now, the only thing we can do to stop this craziness is to teach boundaries and most importantly LOVE.

People don't seem to realize that the two are strongly connected.  You don't teach boundaries because you DON'T love but because you do LOVE.  I also have seen, over the years, parents pawn their children off to others to raise.  I'm not talking sending them to daycare because a parent has to work.  I'm talking parents going to work to get away from their kids.  Seriously!  Tell me you haven't heard this from someone you've worked with.  "Oh, I don't work because I have to or need to.  I work to get away from my kids."  I can't begin to tell you how often I've heard this throughout my life.

Well guess what.  Someone else is raising our children.  Violent games,

the news showing rich bratty girls who get into serious trouble and get away with it.

There seriously was a time when parents put their foot down and their kids stopped in their tracks.  Parents aren't suppose to be "friends" with their children.  Their suppose to be PARENTS.  The friend part comes after they've been raised and are adults.


  1. You ask what is going on in to-days world. Yes, when I was in school in England, I was dreaming of spanking one of my female teacher's. Yes, I wanted ever so much, to bend her over her desk, raise her dress up high, take down her bloomer's and spank her voluptous bare bottom. The world has truly changed.

  2. There is a less than politically correct history lesson in what happened to spanking. While a lot of folks blame Benjamin Spock's Baby and Child Care book for changing public attitudes, that's only part of the story.

    While it is true that spanking was almost universally practiced in homes and schools when Spock wrote his classic, early editions of Spock's best seller only suggested moderating spanking rather than abolishing it altogether. Only later would Spock join the chorus of those claiming spanking promotes violence.

    Forgotten in the discussion over spanking is the same politics giving women equal rights in the workplace also banished the schoolhouse paddle and financed a child protection industry at taxpayer expense. The root of those political forces can be traced back to feminism's desire to neuter men!

    Prior to the 1970s, most authorities turned a blind eye if wives, mothers, and older daughters were spanked for behaviors out of line with expectations of the day.

    Who got spanked, or who needed their backside blistered, was a sometimes topic of conversation and speculation. Occasionally, a woman would allude to having bruises where she sat down.

    Newspapers and magazines occasionally touched on the subject. Relevant vignettes sometimes appeared on both the prime-time family television as well as in mainstream motion pictures.

    With the exception of New Jersey, paddling was the norm in most schools. In some cases, classroom yardsticks sufficed. While boys were the usual recipients in elementary school, badly behaved girls began catching up with boys by high school.

    Back then, cross-gender paddling in the principal's office was as acceptable it was at home. Only at home, the young lady usually wound up with her dress hiked up and her panties down to to at least her knees before bending over!

    Then, in the early 1970s, paddles began disappearing en masse from schoolhouses. Congress passed sweeping child protective legislation. Among the more insidious was the well-intentioned but horribly abused Child Abuse Prevention and Training Act.

    By the mid-1980s, a tidal wave of anti-spanking propaganda dominated the news. Much of it was based on junk science. Even if they spanked in private, parents stopped swatting their kids' bottoms in public.

    The reason for this massive about face on spanking was the push for equality. While everyone knew that girls never got too old to spank, a lot of parents and educators pretended otherwise. This was especially true for white women with college degrees.

    According to the theory of the day, if boys didn't get spanked, girls wouldn't be spanked. In turn, not spanking girls and women would level the playing field. It hasn't worked out that way.

    Since the furor over spanking erupted four decades ago, frustrated mothers have resorted to coaxing their husbands into giving a particularily willful teenage daughter an overdue spanking in the mother's presence.

    On the other side of things, reports of teenage daughters asking their shocked mothers to introduce their backsides to the sting of a hairbrush continue to emerge. Among the more common reasons given is that friends claim having a sore bottom afterwards reminds them to behave!

    According to one informed estimate, about half the women involved in domestic discipline relationships weren't spanked as children. In a reverse engineering of society, some mothers have reported spanking their older daughters for the first time after being spanked by boyfriend, fiance, or husband.

    Of course, experts never expected any of this to happen. Yet, it has.

    Bare bottom spanking of females survives because the traditional social custom remains as effective in curbing undesirable behaviors as it did several thousand years ago. Even in the 21st century, it still gets a big girl's attention like nothing else can!



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