Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hesitant to spank at times!

I have to admit that from time to time I'm hesitant to spank.  I'm not out to control anyone so when I look at naughty behavior, or what appears to be naughty behavior, I focus on the reason behind it.  My wife and I have good communication in our relationship and spanking to her isn't at all cruel or demeaning.

To her, a man isn't a man unless he's the Head of the House.  She recognizes that having to answer to me regarding what she should and shouldn't do is good for her.  There are a multitude of things she wants to do or get done but admits that without the incentive of a good ol' fashion spanking she would probably leave well enough alone. 

In a way it's like a romantic novel where the man comes in and sweeps her off her feet.  He knows what he wants and he wants her, so he takes her.  She likes that because he's man enough to do it.  It's not a barbarian and violent scene that plays in her head but more of a John Wayne you're with me and I'll protect you kind of thing. 

To her, honestly, if a man wasn't man enough to give her that spanking when she deserves it she wouldn't be with him.  I'm not a control freek and I hate to mico manage,..anyone.  But, I do like a clean house and so does my wife.  But she would admit that sometimes she lack the motivation to keep up the house work.  That's where I step in and that's what she wants.  To her, if I wasn't willing to spank her for not keeping the house clean then that would mean I don't care.  She wants a man who cares and who cares enough to turn her white bottom a nice bright red.

There are many women out there who call themselves submissive and think they desire a relationship like the one we have.  However, I have found that the majority of them want it on ONLY their terms.  That's what makes our relationship so special.  I don't spank arbitrarily either.  On the drive home from work I don't think about how I can justify spanking my wife because I'm in the mood to spank her.  Sometimes just walking through the door and taking a quick glance is reason enough, lol.


  1. good for you both

  2. NO! NO! HOH NEVER EVER strikes hard. Spankings can be for REMINDERS of what is expected ...lovingly, evenly, delightful...never angry always in rythum and excitment....otherwise, what is written is BDSM and not a loving spanking/



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