Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A spanked wife is a happy wife.

A spanked wife is a happy wife.  I have no doubt there are many who wouldn't understand that sentence.  But those wives out there who are loved by their husbands, and spanked by their husbands, understand the dynamics.

If there's something my wife knows she shouldn't be doing and keeps getting away with it then she begins to feel that I don't care or love her.  If I did care and love her then I'd take care of her behavior.  For those in the lifestyle it makes perfect sense but for others it's strange.  From time to time I even get email from spankee's who are only into spanking because they LIKE it or use it as stress release.  My answer to them is, "Good for you."


  1. Wow ! What a fab photo of a well smacked very large bottom! I always l;ike to smack my wifes thighs which has her hopping sbout after her bottom is well spanked or caned ! It rounds of her punishment and opens the way to other things!! K

  2. My husband cares about me and gives me a good paddling from time to time. He also gives me maintenance spankings that keep me in line. I agree a well spanked wife is a happy wife and a happy husband.



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