Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where have all the real men gone?

For someone of my generation John Wayne is one of the first men you think about when you think of a Man.  There's no doubt in my mind that Wayne was a spanker.  You can see that in so many of his movies.  In his later years of movie making he was the producer so he had a huge say in how and what was done and said.  

Movies are movies of course and no matter how you try to make them as real as possible they're still movies.  Still, John Wayne worked at conveying honorable attributes a man should have in his roles.

Recently my wife and I had a conversation about how we met and what attracted us to each other.  At the time we met neither of us were shopping for a mate or companion.  My wife very much liked the idea that I was Dominant but not forceful.  I'm an Alpha male who leads and doesn't drag or try to force others to follow.  Many Dominant men have NO sense of humor either.  They can't tell a joke or take one.  I'm not that way.  

Those I care about simply must enjoy life.  I want to see them laugh at least a few times in a day.  Laughter is so healthy for a person.  If you can't laugh there must be something wrong.

I love the fact that my wife has a healthy amount of independence and can take care of things.  She recently took a small trip using our truck and actually checked the oil when she arrived at her destination.  She bought oil, climbed in the engine compartment (I'd like to think her ass was sticking proudly in the air, but that's me) and put oil in the truck.  She is by no means helpless.  However, a quality that attracted me to her was that she wasn't helpless but saw her submission to her man as simply natural and proper.

Throughout my day I'm always observing how others are.  I can be at the check out register pretty much anywhere and tell you if the woman at the register is Dominant or submissive, same as I can with men.

What I find somewhat sad today is that there seems to be much confusion regarding a person's role in the world or relationships.  The T.V. and movies, even commercials, send out messages to people about how they should and shouldn't be.  In the end we basically have to make that choice.  I had to.  One day I woke up and said, "By damn I'm a spanker and I'm not going to hide that fact anymore."

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