Saturday, August 17, 2013


Happy Birthday!

Wow!  The first thing I thought of when I saw this is my wife.  

She's my candy girl.  Always ready and willing for me to have her when I want her.  Like most husbands I want to give her everything but unlike most wives she doesn't ask for much.  She's nurturing, passionate, caring and loving.  She gives without expecting anything in return and works to waste nothing. 

She had one of those dreadful days this week that comes around once a year, her birthday.  I didn't want to announce it on her actual birthday so I'm doing it today.  This is not only my favorite position but it's her's as well.  I'm doing something for her today that may seem trivial to many but I know she appreciates it.  It's been a slow economic recovery for the U.S. and we're still feeling the squeeze financially too.

She has been so supportive toward my endeavors that some days I wake up and can't believe she belongs to me and I belong to her.  I love her with every breath I take and every move she makes. 

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