Thursday, March 13, 2014

Do you give her want she wants or what she needs?

Most of us are caught up in giving our spouse what they want and we forget about those things they need.  Does your wife need a diamond ring bigger than most?  Does she need to have her own way most of the time?  Does she need to get away with things she shouldn't do?  Or does she need a good ol' fashion spanking.  Many times that's also what she wants.


  1. While most men know a bitchy woman needs her bare bottom spanked, fewer men know that putting that woman over his knee may actually make him live longer. Danish researcher recently linked domestic arguments to higher cortisol levels (raising blood sugar levels while suppressing the immune system), high blood pressure, more cardiovascular disease, and premature death in men.

    1. I have agree. we do need old fashion spanking over our loving husband knee. Spanking until we have a good bawl. It worked well for us.



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