Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's just normal to me!

I have a neighbor who seems to spend most of his time working on cars.  Not only do I not work on cars I strongly dislike putting gas in my car. 

Others collect coins and act like it's the most important thing a person could do. 

They say golfing is a great sport and that it's very relaxing, or can be.  I suppose it could be fun if that's what you're into.

All of those things are, I guess, normal activities for people to do.  And honestly the list is endless regarding what people find normal activities.  However, none of the above activities are even remotely normal activities for me to participate in.  I would have to say that the list of other activities that people participate in that I don't is pretty long.  My list of things I like to do may be similar to many and differ greatly from some or most.

It's normal for me to get excited when I see a picture like the one above.  In fact I was excited when I got the idea to place the camera under the chair to film the spanking.  What's normal to me may be normal for some or many and not for most but that's okay.  Thanks to the internet we who are into spanking have discovered we're not alone.  There are thousands, if not millions who feel the same as we do.  A saying at work I hear all the time applies to your feelings regarding spanking.  "It is what it is."  So don't try to convince yourself that you're not normal.  Just because you are into spanking doesn't make you strange.  I find going out on a beautiful great lawn and walking for miles while stopping to hit a white ball so it gets close to a hole strange, but that's just strange for me.  I hear there are a lot of people who like doing that sort of thing.

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