Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Palms Seattle visit Review

First let me say that my wife and I didn't go to the gathering last night to review them and make judgements.  We simply attended with the idea of meeting like minded people.

You never know what to expect the first time you visit a gathering of this nature so we weren't expecting much.  We walked through the door of a small banquet area where 10 or so regulars were already seated and got what seemed to be surprised looks.  Perhaps they thought we were lost and in the wrong area.

We sat at the end of the large table and after introducing ourselves to one of the couples the husband instantly knew the name "Spank Her 4 Real".  He couldn't say enough about how enjoyed our "Rose" videos and her sassy attitude.

Mostly we ordered pizza, had small talk with those around us and ate our pizza.  Everyone there seemed very friendly and comfortable with spanking as they introduced themselves as either a Spanker or Spankee.  Every time the server came around we toned down our spanking discussions and pretended to talk about Curling.

 All and all we had a good time meeting new spanker friends and look forward to visiting again.

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