Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday OTK again!

So once again I wake up to find a mired of things still not done that were suppose to be done.  A load of towels in the washer that had been in there for days and needing to be dry because we were out of towels.  A living room that needed to be picked up along with a variety of other neglected things.  Now mind you, all of these things were things I had been gently reminding my wife to do.  I got the same answer, "Oh, I know I'll finish that tonight," or "I plan on doing that first thing tomorrow."

So Friday morning I see none of those things done and headed to work.  All morning I was asking myself why she didn't do those things that would only take a few hours, if that, to do.  Why wait so long.  Then it hit me.  She gets things done when she doesn't get away with NOT getting things done.  When she gets spanked then she gets things done that she's suppose to.  When she doesn't do what she's suppose to do and a spanking doesn't happen then she feels she's gotten away with it and for some reason I'm not going to notice.

So, Friday around lunch I sent a text telling her a spanking was coming when I got home.  There was no, "For what?"  She already knew all of what it was for and simply replied, "Okay.  I had a feeling one might be on its way."  

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