Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When should I spank my wife?

A question often asked is, "When should I spank my wife?"  My obvious answer is, "When she needs it."  My wife can tell by my tone and look that a certain thing is getting out of hand and a change needs to take place.  I'm finding that when that happens it gets taken care of pretty quick.

There are those times however when she hears the tone and sees the look but then something happens that distracts her and it gets put off.   I give her time to work on certain things that need attention but if she allows herself to get more and more distracted then a nice red bottom seems to always put her back on track.

So, when should you spank your wife.  You should spank your wife when she needs to be spanked.  If you've given her a reasonable amount of time to get done what she needs to get done and she hasn't done it then she needs a spanking. 

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