Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When should I spank my wife?

A question often asked is, "When should I spank my wife?"  My obvious answer is, "When she needs it."  My wife can tell by my tone and look that a certain thing is getting out of hand and a change needs to take place.  I'm finding that when that happens it gets taken care of pretty quick.

There are those times however when she hears the tone and sees the look but then something happens that distracts her and it gets put off.   I give her time to work on certain things that need attention but if she allows herself to get more and more distracted then a nice red bottom seems to always put her back on track.

So, when should you spank your wife.  You should spank your wife when she needs to be spanked.  If you've given her a reasonable amount of time to get done what she needs to get done and she hasn't done it then she needs a spanking. 

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  1. Seriously spank your wife's bare behind at least once or twice before marrying her. This really is the best time. Back in the day, spanking a girlfriend was know as picking up where her father or mother left off!

    Despite the propaganda, most females still get at least one good spanking during their teenage years. Some, especially if they live with their parents, get it into the 20s. Even if a particular woman didn't, most of her girlfriends got it at one time or the other. Since girls talk, it's not like spanking is some bizarre ritual a woman's never heard of before.

    Since 9 out of 10 couples have premarital sex, by the time the woman needs a spanking, the man's probably already seen everything anyway.

    The give and take of dating usually offers plenty of opportunities to straighten out a problem or two with her behavior. Besides, especially when they've been mischievous, most women wonder how a man would go about doing it if he got up the nerve. This is often as much a part of a woman's thought processes as wondering how big he gets when aroused.

    It is better to find out early whether or not a woman is manageable than have one's life made a living hell after marriage.



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