Sunday, November 25, 2012

Learning to Obey!

I'm not sure why learning to obey is such a hard thing for a submissive to do.  No one is perfect and I don't by any means expect anything close to perfection.  What I do expect, like other REAL Alpha Males who would be called "Dom's" is an honest effort.

My wife will obey to avoid getting spanked.  However, when she gets side tracked and isn't obeying she recognizes a good spanking is healthy for her but by no mean enjoyable.

Holly, on the other hand, has the same attitude but also finds pleasure from being put in her place by a man who does it benevolently.  Holly wants to obey but also wants to be punished because she is aroused by it.

Yesterday I suggested that we concentrate cleaning and arranging a room that was beginning to become a "catch all" for just about everything.  My wife got the feeling that if it wasn't done she'd be looking at the floor while bent over my lap and I could tell it wasn't a view she wanted to re-experience.  So, we had a very productive day with shampooing the rug, arranging and just plain putting things where they should go.  Everyone is pleased with the progress.

Holly, on the other hand, is pleased but showed a bit of procrastination.  Not to mention doing some pouting along the way.  An excellent training method for pouting is her lips around my cock and that's right where they went.  However, she like most submissives, likes her lips around a hard cock so to make it more of a method for disciplining there's a lot of pushing my cock in as far as I can go so she gags.  After doing that for a time the pouting stopped and the right responses began to emerge from her mouth.

It's clear to me now that she will need a lot more training than I imagined.  She already understands that in our relationship she's more of a man toy but it's clear that there needs to be a lot more training in obeying like her sister.  I have a lot of ideas but if there are any readers who want to put in some suggestions and post them I'm open to reading them.      


  1. good luck with the training

  2. It is hard to punish someone with spanking when they enjoy being spanked. I know this from experience. Instead withholding a spanking and only giving it when they are good is a better way of getting a response. Instead pick punishments that she doesn't like, such as being put in a room alone. I think most women who enjoy spanking enjoy the attention. Of course how can you make spanking videos without spankings? I suggest spank harder. I enjoy a nice hard spanking but not as much when Im crying cause it truly hurts.



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