Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haven't been in a writing mood lately.

I must admit I haven't been in much of a writing mood lately.  I've been devoting a lot of time in making Paddle samples for my Paddles 4 Pain and Pleasure blog.  I've gotten the samples done but now there's pricing and descriptions and so on.  Plus I still need to figure out a way of selling them without starting up another website.  I haven't checked into Pay Pal yet and still need to do that.

I'm also making spanking furniture that can go anywhere in your home without giving away it's use, other than as a piece of furniture.  So far I have a unique stepping stool that could go anywhere.   

My wife's been on her best behavior so her last spanking really sank in.  With Spring here and Summer on it's way there's more I can do around the house and my wood shop after work now too.

Well, just thought I'd give those of you who are interested, an update. 

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