Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to deal with your adult daughter!

Around my house this is how I deal with an adult daughter who gets into her mother's toys!

This clip is from "Home Early" available at Spank Her 4 Real Videos!

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  1. Even in the 21st century, more legally emancipated daughters have been spanked by a parent than many people either seem to realize or want to admit. One reason may be that, outside of a private counseling session, this is not something most young women are likely to admit happened to them.

    While many of these instances seem to be one-offs, they nonetheless suggest that parenting hasn't changed all that much since the supposedly bad old days when women never got too old for a spanking.

    Although there are exceptions, a young woman either living at home or still financially depended on her parent(s) is more likely to be or have been spanked. This seems to be especially true if the young woman is attending college, or has had to come back home after a career setback or failed relationship. Also, mothers tend to do most of the spanking in these instances.

    One thing these spankings seem to have in common is either to settle or reestablish parental authority. Quite often, the young women are spanked much as they were when they were in high school. Implements, positions, and rituals tend to remain fairly constant once a daughter enters puberty.

    These spankings breed surprisingly little resentment on the part of the daughters. Instead, the tend to accept the disciplining as being evidence of parental concern for their welfare or something they deserved. Respect for parental authority is likewise a key ingredient.

    One thirty-something women once confessed that if her father told her she needed a spanking, she'd start undoing her jeans right then and there. She had that much respect or him!



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