Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spend, spend, spend!

Overall I'd have to say my wife is pretty good with keeping to our budget.  However, she does have moments were she fails miserably.  Fails miserably that is with sticking to our budget.  A few days ago the oil light came on in the car telling us it's time to change the oil, which it is over due.  The cost is nominal and along with getting a few things.

So my wife needed to use the car yesterday and that morning she said she hadn't slept all night.  When I asked her why I could see that was a question she didn't want me to ask her.  If you've ever watched Samantha on "Bewitched" try to explain something that she knows isn't going to go down well then you know pretty much how my wife does it too.

Long story short she over spent about $100 for the week and I told her this spanking would be a long slow burn.  We got home and she went straight to the bathroom and I went into my office figuring she was getting ready.  I went to check a few times and she was still in there.  So I went back to my office to wait and finally I came out to check and she was no longer in the bathroom but in our bedroom sleeping, or it appeared she was sleeping.

I knew she hadn't gotten much sleep because of the lack of sleep the night before and then all the errands she did yesterday so I thought I'd just let her sleep.  She knows she's in for a good bottom blistering and that will wait til I get home today.  She needs to be bare bottomed when I walk through the door and ready to get it over with, or it will be paddle time!

1 comment:

  1. oh she definitely needs a spanking especially when its "premeditated". as a woman i always know when im probably spending too much but that little wire in my brain shorts out and i think what the heck if im gonna burn for an inch i might as well burn for a mile!



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