Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spank or Not to Spank.

I waited a few days to see what the voting would be and I'm fairly surprised by the numbers.  I'm surprised by the lack of votes but hey that's fine.

So it turns out to be 7 in favor of me spanking my wife and 2 disagree with 2 comments stating that she shouldn't get spanked.  It could also be that the two that made comments also pushed disagree too, leaving the vote 7 to 2 instead of 7 to 4. 

The comments made suggested I had some responsibility to share in what happened.  However, I disagree with that.  It may seem that way but the real problem is not leaving the house on time to get to an appointment.  That is the problem.  

My wife can't be on time for choir, tutoring, church, parent teach conferences, etc, etc.  Although, the first time she had to pick me up from work, and was late, she got her pants pulled down and spanked the second we got home and since then she's never been late picking me up, when she's had to pick me up from work.

Spanking is quit the cure all for my wife.  And she will continue to get her spanking for being late, late, late until she realizes it's best to leave a little bit early.  Even if it means she gets somewhere 5 or 10 minutes early.  At least she's not making others wait for her to show up.


  1. I am ONE of those who disagreed with you, BUT if lateness is the problem, then THAT should be dealt with--my wife and mother-in-law have had a lifetime habitual problem of being late for--whatever!! So I might just change my vote!! lol!!


  2. i hate when someone is late and have a friend who is always late to everything. when i asked her about this she told me that it was the way she was and i needed to accept it. i told her it was a rude behavior and she told me i was rude for saying it! she needed a butt burner for real!



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