Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spank or Not what do you think?

I had an appointment this morning, a class, that I had to get to at 7am.  My wife told me she knew where it was even though I asked her to check on the address, she said she didn't need to check because she already knew where it was.

So I woke her up at 6am so she could get up, get ready and we could leave in plenty of time so we weren't rushed.  On the way there I needed to pick up $10 in cash for a book that I would purchase in class, for the class.  So, now there was an extra stop.  

She figured it would take maybe 15 to 20 minutes to get there and that the bank was right next to it.   We left at 6:35, 20 minutes after I wanted to go, and got to the bank at about 10 min til 7.  But, the building she thought was the building I was to go to was not the building.  Now we don't know where it is.  

I scrambled to find the address and she plugged it into her the GPS and off we went, 5 miles away.  It's city traffic so we ended up getting to the class at about 5 min after 7, which to me is late. 

Now, I realize that I should have checked on the address myself to make sure, however, she was insistent that she knew where it was so I didn't check the location myself.  

So my question is, "Do you think she deserves a spanking?"  You can vote below by clicking "I agree" which means she gets spanked or "I disagree" which means she doesn't.  Or you can also leave your comment. 

I leave this one up to you to see whether she gets spanked or not.  Just so you know, or for your information, I will be pushing "I agree" right after I publish this post.


  1. I think you have to take some responsibility here too.

  2. I agree with sunnygirl. Making a mistake shouldn't necessarily be a punishable offense because she did not intend to do anything wrong!! I think that INTENT is everything!!


  3. No way. Wasn't a major infraction. Now when my wife gets nasty and throws a plate at me during a verbal argument - that is the time to tan than cute little ass until it's cherry red.

  4. Really? I say yes. First of all you voted yes. Your HOH? then what you say goes. She let you down and made you late. The lesson would be when somone is depending on you "know", double check.. don't just "think". I think a good warm up first is in line because it wasnt a "SERIOUS" infraction, however; you need to help her remember to be sure before letting someone depend on you. You asked her to look up the address and she didnt. That is disobedience. So after a very nice, long warm up; I'd add 10 to 20 hard hand smacks; 15 with the paddle with holes and then 10 with a belt. That's not a bad discipline session... yet she learns...



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