Monday, January 2, 2012

I'll call her Angel

My Black Widow wife and I were in a pretty thick and nasty divorce when I met, I'll call her Angel.  Going through the divorce from hell was pretty much taking up my extra time and when I met Angel I wasn't at all looking to get into another relationship.

I had gone back to the Karaoke place, I hadn't been there in years, and word traveled fast that I was going through a divorce.  Angel wanted to sing a duet with me so I sang one with her.  After word she invited me to her table and started telling me how much better of a girl friend, or wife, she would be.  It seems like the best luck I've had in finding submissives is when I wasn't looking.  And not just, not looking, but practically pushing away from them, or her.

The more Angel hinted and pushed the more I stepped back.  I did that because I really wasn't interested, not that she wasn't pretty but I had a lot on my plate in my personal life.  She wanted my phone number and at the time I couldn't have imagined her a submissive.

She called almost twice a day for about a week or so.  Sometimes just leaving a message and other times she'd actually get me at home.  Again, there weren't a lot of cell phones around yet.  Finally she said she wanted to cook me a dinner at her place.  I accepted the invitation and the dinner wasn't half bad.  She had a 15 or 16 year old daughter and she was there too.   After dinner she gave me a hug and I left.

She didn't seem, or wasn't my type, and I kept putting her off until she finally wanted to know straight out if we could date.  I told her straight up and matter of factly that I spank and added, to really make her uninterested, that from what I could see she needed a lot of training.  Yes, training.  I did say that to her.  I think she was, shall I say, so hard up to be in a relationship that she agreed to the spankings by saying something to the effect that, "I can think of a lot of times when I needed a spanking."  And, "I think training is a good idea."

It turned out that she was on a house monitor for her second or third DUI that of course wasn't her fault.  At that time too her daughter, as young as she was, moved out to and into her boyfriends place.  Her boyfriend was still in his teens and lived at home so it was strange to say the least.  Because of her leg monitor she couldn't leave the house except once a week and she chose the Karaoke place as the one place.

I had stopped by unannounced a few hours after we'd talked on the phone and she was both happily surprised and embarrassed because of how messy her place was.  I can tell I had a spanking good time taking her around the apartment and spanking her for one mess after another.  It was her first time to ever get spanked as an adult and it made her hot and horny.  As the relationship went on it was clear that she was used to abusive relationships and was more used to getting violently knocked around by her boyfriends than calmly and benevolently spanked.

Within less than a week I had her trained to meet me at her apartment door when I came over, go to her knees and start giving me a BJ.  If I didn't feel she was giving her all I would spank her as incentive and it worked well.  She was a very out spoken person, rebellious for certain and opinionated.  Not that out spoken and opinionated is wrong but I'm mentioning that because from standing outside the relationship you would NEVER guess she was being trained and spanked almost daily.

As I watched her in social situations she reminded me of a lot of women through the years who have had strong views and opinions about feminism and equal rights for women and so on.  On the outside she was this feminist, almost activist, and on the other hand when I would pick her up from her DUI classes once a week at night I would park anywhere secluded and tell her to give me a BJ and she'd do it immediately.

One of the best spanking experiences with her was when I found out that she had said some nasty things to a friend of hers at the Karaoke place.  I don't even remember what it was all about but I told her to apologize to her and tell her friend that for her behavior she would be getting spanked and I wanted her to come over and witness the spanking.  It was another one of those off the wall, let's try this and see what happens moments.  Angel came back over about 10 minutes later and waited for me to ask her about her friend's response.  I asked and she replied, "She'll come over but she has to leave now, so she'll follow us home."

Her friend followed us out the door and she went to her car and we went to mine.  Sure enough she followed us home, parked and went into Angel's apartment with us.  Once we were all through the door I sat on the back of the couch, pulled Angel over my lap, lifted up her dress and down came her panties.  Her friend stood there frozen as I began spanking Angel's bottom soundly.  Angel quickly started with the tears and when I was finished she, without thinking her friend was there, dropped to her knees after I was done with the spanking and began unbuckling my belt for my BJ.  The second her friend realized what was now going to happen she said, "I'd better go now," turned and as she walked out the door said, "I'll call you later."

I have to admit that for the most part Angel was just a joy toy.  Actually she was my first and only.  In other words I had no plans with any kind of serious future with her.  I knew on the one hand she was using me because of her DUI stuff.  I could also see, from time to time, her anger issues that would flare up.  She was also extremely jealous too.  Just talking to another woman would cause her to question, "What did you say to her?  What did she say to you?  Why were you talking to her?"   It could be that I was just talking to the female clerk at a gas station and I'd get a thousand questions when I got in the car.

When I did break it off it actually took about 4 months for it to happen.  She was in deep denial.  If I had seen her making serious changes due to her DUI I might have kept the relationship going but she was in such denial about so many things.

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