Friday, January 20, 2012

The Storm is over!

We it's over.  But not before the snow did some damage.  The picture above is the same tree as the picture below, after the snow and freeze.

The picture below is were the branches ended up.  Fortunately, no structures were damaged and the fence held up.  Instead of cutting up the branches I'm going to make them into a bench.  I'll take pictures of it when I'm finished.  Of course the branches need to dry so it will be a little while.

The picture below is why so many branches broke off trees.  First there was snow, then a little rain and humidity and then it all froze.  Throughout the night I could step out the front or back door and hear branches cracking and falling to the grown.  We live in a densely populated Evergreen tree area.

Now we hear that wind is on its way so we'll see how we weather out this next phase.

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