Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spanked again!

Once again I allowed my wife to slip on some things because last week she was experiencing some pretty severe headaches.  Those were over and done with Thursday and she mentioned herself how things needed to be picked up.  However, once again she kept putting it off until I got up Saturday morning and tripped on a cord that she had been told time and time again shouldn't be there.

Not to mention the pile of different items everywhere in the living room.  Again she gets focused on one thing and neglects almost everything else.

I've learned that I have to just be consistent with her.  This time it was a no holds bared bare bottom spanking.

Her bottom would be very red this time and having to drive to Seattle would be very uncomfortable.

She really hates to hear "Diaper position".  She makes a sigh and closes her eyes tightly.  With that position I can really make her bottom sting.

Afterward it's always a good idea to further put her in her place by giving me a handjob and blowjob and then finish it off with a good hard fucking.

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