Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shaving down there

When my wife and I first got together and I began telling her what I liked and didn't like I made it clear that I liked her shaved.  It was the first time she had been asked, or told, to do such a thing.  From the time I told her I wanted her shaved to the time I discovered she hadn't yet shaved was perhaps 4 or 5 days.

I walked into her place and one of the first things I inquired about, after our hugs and kisses, was if she had been good and done what I told her to do.  I could see her mind racing as she tried to remember what it was that she may have forgotten.  She proudly walked me into the kitchen to show me how clean and organized it was but that wasn't it.  Although I was pleased to see the kitchen that way.

I asked, "Are you shaved?"

"Shaved?" she replied with a concerned question in her voice.

"Yes, shaved.  I told you I wanted you shaved.  Remember?" I said instantly.  Now her reply was actually a new to me and I couldn't believe my ears when she replied, "Oh I remember, but you didn't say when I was to shave, just that you wanted me shaved."  Now she was actually most serious.  It was as though she was thinking, "He wants me to shave but because he didn't say Now, Tomorrow or Next week I have all the time in the world to meet his request or demand."

As I sat down I almost started to laugh but didn't.  Here is a woman with above average intelligence trying to tell or convince me, that wanting her shaved could have meant 3 months from now.  As I began unbuttoning her pants she said, "I guess this means you wanted me to shave right away?"  As her pants hit the floor she began lowering her panties herself as she tried talking herself out of the impending spanking, "You didn't say when you wanted me to shave.  Right?"  

As I pulled her across my lap she gave out a nervous clearing of her voice and I explained, "When I tell you I want something done and especially when you agree to do it, I expect it to be done in a reasonable amount of time.  That's maybe a day or two at the most.  You knew I wanted it done and you kept putting it off.  Didn't you?"

She reluctantly replied, "Yes, I suppose.." and before she could finish the sentence I began spanking her bare behind.  There's no warm up it's just sound smacks from beginning to end.  After a few minutes my point was made and she dropped to her knees, stretched out her arms and gave me a huge hug as though she was saying, "Thank you for standing firm and not letting me get away with not doing what I was told to do.


  1. You should have spanked her - then shaved her..then spanked her bare pussy and got a good fuck while you were at it!

    1. my husband did shave me at times and I really enjoyed it.
      he also spanked me but he didn't spank because I hadn't shaved.



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